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Jeremy Castro would be 30 years old on October 18th, had he survived his $20 fentanyl overdose. Yes, only $20 to end a life, and addicts die every day for even less. I shudder to think how many teenagers are walking around with $20 in their pocket.

There are many addicts in our community, who are desperate to get clean, but lack the means, guidance or opportunity to do so. Most are caught in a cycle of shame, self-loathing and hopelessness. At JCF, our mission is to bring help and hope to those who are seeking their way out of the darkness, and back to a life of sobriety.

We educate our youth about the presence, hazards and reality of drug abuse, and are working to alleviate the stigma of addiction, which keeps people from reaching out for help.In honor of Jeremy's 30th birthday, we are striving to raise $30,000-$1,000 for each year of his life. This will enable us to sponsor more people in structured sober-living facilities, where they will have an opportunity to heal from the wounds of addiction, learn how to live sober on a daily basis, and regain their mind, body and soul. Helping even one addict, helps an entire community.

While Jeremy may have lost his battle with addiction, we honor his life by continuing the fight, so others might win. Quite simply, your donation saves lives.

Happy Birthday, Jeremy, Our Angel

Never Helpless, Never Hopeless